Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm no Blogger!

I have decided I can no longer call myself a blogger, as a matter of fact the title of my blog should be the Coyle Quarterly, honestly! As you may know I really don't like putting my family out there too much, but I do love showing off my boys! So please enjoy and I will post again before Christmas-HA!
Best pic to date!
The boys first hog game together :)
Donavon was invited to a rodeo and had a blast!

Do you see what's new, look at his cheezee smile...
Pearly Whites!!!! This was the day after
He was SO proud.
Eli talks all of the time, my teeny tiny is SO precious!

Talking to daddy.He always finds the camera :)
These kiddos Love their Memaw!
And their Aunt Julia
And their Paw James
And their Papaw
And their Granny :)
He smiles all of the time these days, it melts my heart!
And this one has been melting my heart for years :)
Where's Eli???
This is the most recent pic...taken yesterday :)
Hope everyone is doing great!!!

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